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Oh well. I’m Big Bagel. I host webcomics, make WordPress plugins, and spend the rest of my time being awesome. Here’s my profile on

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Thanks for helping me out with my tag-based post list thingy on the WordPress forum – I’m eternally grateful! Interesting site here, I wasn’t familiar with the Webcomic plugin. I actually long to spend my days cartooning rather than coding – coding doesn’t come at all naturally to me!

Steve (stevoweb)

I need help and seen a stackflow post which suggests your the man! I need a simple code that redirects users from the home page to another page ID ONLY if LOGGED IN.

Could you help me?

Which Stack Overflow question? I’m curious since I’ve never even posted there.

The three things you’re most likely looking for are is_front_page() to determine if your front page is being displayed, is_user_logged_in() to determine if the user is logged in (obviously), and wp_redirect() to redirect the page.


The only thing you really need to know beyond that is that is_front_page() will only work after init, and wp_redirect() will only word before template_redirect, so you’ll want to hook into something in between, like wp_loaded. Hooking init with a priority above 10 would probably work as well, but I can’t be sure without testing.

Something like the following should work (it’s completely untested though):

add_action( 'wp_loaded', 'redirect_front_page' );

function redirect_front_page() {
    if ( is_front_page() && is_user_logged_in() ) {
        wp_redirect( '' );

wp_redirect() takes an absolute URL so if you want to use the id of the page you can use a URL like: “″ with the number obviously being your post id. If you want to further filter this by user role you can also use current_user_can() instead of is_user_logged_in().