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Tutorials and Ads

We added a new section called “How Do I…“, which contains various tutorials for using Interrupted Reality. Check it out and tell us if there’s something you want to see that we’re currently missing. We’re also enabling a network-wide Project Wonderful ad soon. If you’reĀ interestedĀ in bidding on it, you can check out the advertising page.

Project Wonderful Links

Project Wonderful recently started an affiliate program: Our New Affiliate Program. So, we’ve changed any links to Project Wonderful here to our affiliate link. If you host your comic with us (or not!), are looking to put ads on your site, and don’t already have an account at Project Wonderful, we’d certainly appreciate it if you used one of our

Free Ads for Everyone and Their Turtle.

We enabled the ability to place Project Wonderful ads for everyone. Now go fourth and pimp your site with shiny money making boxes.