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Tutorials and Ads

We added a new section called “How Do I…“, which contains various tutorials for using Interrupted Reality. Check it out and tell us if there’s something you want to see that we’re currently missing. We’re also enabling a network-wide Project Wonderful ad soon. If you’reĀ interestedĀ in bidding on it, you can check out the advertising page.

Comic Images

We added images for each comic on the front page lists. More details can be found in the User Manual.

New Mini Theme – Ink Bubbles

We’ve added a new mini theme called Ink Bubbles. It’s mini because it’s essentially Inkblot with a few CSS changes. Since they share the same options you can switch between Inkblot and Ink Bubbles without losing any customized theme options. As always, you can fully edit your own site’s CSS regardless of the theme you choose. Check out the example

Added Features

Inkblot was getting lonely as the only available theme, so we added a modified version of Twenty Eleven (.org|.com). Within it’s bowels we’ve carefully placed all the webcomicy goodness needed to show all your comics. However, all the modifications are still in beta and mostly held together with duct tape and dreams, so try it out with care. With two