Webcomic Template Tags

This is for anyone who is looking to add Webcomic functionality to a WordPress theme. If you think php is a silly thing for silly people you would probably find everything below quite silly.

The awesome Webcomic plugin (written by the awesome dood: Michael Sisk) used here at Interrupted Reality has a bunch of template tags (in webcomic-includes/tags.php) provided to easily add shiny comic functionality to themes. Each one echos or returns a (usually) more generic function within the webcomic class (webcomic.php). For example:

function random_webcomic_url( $taxonomy = false, $terms = false, $id = false, $global = false ) {
    global $webcomic; echo $webcomic->get_relative_webcomic_url( 'random', $taxonomy, $terms, $id, $global );

I’m only going to go over the tags/functions provided in tags.php as they’re all you need to provide all the comic functionality in a theme. If you plan on doing some code-fu that requires functionality beyond what is provided in the template tags, you should probably be looking at the actual functions in webcomic.php anyways. They already have great inline documentation.

The list below is currently being added to and organized.