Free Ads for Everyone and Their Turtle.

We enabled the ability to place Project Wonderful ads for everyone. Now go fourth and pimp your site with shiny money making boxes.

Added Features

Inkblot was getting lonely as the only available theme, so we added a modified version of Twenty Eleven (.org|.com). Within it’s bowels we’ve carefully placed all the webcomicy goodness needed to show all your comics. However, all the modifications are still in beta and mostly held together with duct tape and dreams, so try it out with care.

With two themes comes two new example sites for you to ponder: Inkblot and Twenty Eleven

We’ve also added a real Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. *sniffle* Websites grow up so fast. One day they’re simply adding a FAQ and the next thing you know a giant block of legal text appears. What next? Massive amounts of pr0n? HAPPY FLUFFY KITTIES!

Come One, Come All. And don’t forget to bring donuts.

Welcome to the opening of Interrupted Reality!

*waits for applause*

I’m assuming you already know who we are.

You don’t? Oh poo…

Well, we use WordPress to host webcomics for free. Yup, free webcomic hosting; that’s pretty much it. Amazing, I know. Anyone who signs up gets a¬†WordPress¬†blog at any available subdomain with which they can publish and maintain a webcomic/blog. More detailed information can be found in the FAQ. An example of what a default (absolutely no customization) site looks like can be found at example (Inkblot|Twenty Eleven) while customized sites can be found both here (this site) and Hal and Dave. If you’re more of big picture person and scoff at the notion of informed decisions then head on straight to the registration page (Also, I have a large jar of air Elvis actually breathed I’d like to sell to you).


Here at Interrupted Reality we don’t just read comics and eat cupcakes*, we host them for free! By registering you receive a shiny new WordPress website that is custom made for posting webcomics. Check out the features and FAQ pages for more. If clicking isn’t your style, here’s a quick list of pros and cons.


  • It’s completely free
  • Themes (Currently: Inkblot | Ink Bubbles | Invisible Ink | Twenty Eleven)
  • Your own Project Wonderful ads
  • Your own subdomain (
  • No need to poke at a server or any code
  • You can change how your site looks with whatever CSS changes you want
  • You get the awesomeness that is WordPress with the Webcomic plugin:
    • Blog and comments
    • Easy webcomic uploading, organizing, and archiving
  • We’re still small; when you need support, you don’t talk with random tech support guy #4


  • If technical stuff is what you love, you can’t mess with the server or code
  • We’re still small; we don’t have hordes of people ready to throw at your new comic

Essentially, we host webcomics because we like webcomics. We’ll do our best to make sure you have a fast, secure, nice looking site.

*Interrupted Reality is fully aware you can not host cupcakes on the web. That would be awesome stupid. Cupcakes are measured in bites not bits!

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