Forum Rules

Newly Registered Users

If you recently registered on the forum you have all the normal actions available (post replies*, vote in polls, access control panel, etc.) except for creating new threads in any forum except the Introduction¬†and Pre-registration Questions¬†forums. You must either wait three days or introduce yourself in the introduction forum before you are able to freely create new threads. The pseudo-cron that enables users to create new threads runs every 20 minutes; it can take up to 20 minutes from your first post to have it enabled. If something goes horribly wrong and you can’t create a new thread after 20 minutes, tell us in the introduction forum and we’ll fix it.

*Due to spamming posting replies has also been disabled until your introduce yourself or wait three days.

Short version: Until you post in the Introduction or Pre-registration Questions forum or wait three days, you cannot post new threads or replies.

User Pruning

Unactivated users are automatically removed after five days. Newly registered/activated users who have zero posts after being registered for 30 days are automatically removed. You don’t need to register to view the forum, only to post.


Until there are specific problems,the rules are pretty simple:

  • Don’t be a dick
  • Don’t spam
  • Don’t put pr0n anywhere
  • Don’t do anything illegal
  • Follow any board specific rules

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