The World-Wide-Inter-Highway-Tube can be a fairly complex place (just look at how many hyphens it has!). What we want is for you to have a place where you can easily share your webcomic with the world without having to worry about silly things like managing a server, poking at php, and being eaten by large space gorillas.

When you host your comic with us you can expect:

  • Free hosting of your comic on its own subdomain (example.interruptedreality.com) with no censoring or moderation (excluding illegal content)
  • No restrictions on bandwidth or disk space for your comic and related files (each site technically has a soft limit of 500mb for uploaded files, but that limit will be increased for your comic if/when needed)
  • Your own Project Wonderful ads
  • Your own forum if wanted
  • Integrated Piwik stats as well as support for Google Analytics
  • Your choice of theme (Currently: Inkblot | Ink Bubbles | Invisible Ink | Twenty Eleven)
  • Fully customizable CSS
  • Host multiple comics with one login under the same or separate subdomain(s)
  • All the normal blogging capabilities of WordPress
    • Comment management
    • Feature rich blogging platform
    • Automatic RSS feeds
    • Search engine and human friendly URL’s
    • Previewing posts and CSS changes before making them live on your site
    • Setting posts/webcomics to publish in the future (creating a buffer)
    • No need for knowing/writing any code
  • All the Awesomeness of the Webcomic plugin
    • Organize comics by collection, storyline, and character(s)
    • Automatic comic archives
    • Built in transcription system
    • Easily sell prints of your comic
  • Use of your own domain if you have/get one
  • Use of your own favicon

Planned features include:

  • More themes (currently there are four)

Things that aren’t features but you should know before registering:

  • Because they are shared between all sites, you cannot install your own plugins or themes. We’re happy to take suggestions for new ones though.

Be sure to check out the FAQ and if you have any questions use the Contact page or forum to ask. If you have suggestions for new features request them below or in the forum.

On second thought, maybe we should worry about large space gorillas.