User Manual

This (as apposed to the general FAQ) is meant to be a FAQ directed at answering the questions of Interrupted Reality users. If you need help with anything else leave a comment below or use the contact page. If you’re looking for tutorials, head on over to the How Do I… section.

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WordPress uses themes to create your general styling and format. Since each theme is structured differently and has a different set of options it would be best to choose your theme before doing anything else. You can see examples of the four themes we currently offer here: Inkblot | Ink Bubbles | Invisible Ink | Twenty Eleven


You can change the CSS (Appearance -> Edit CSS) in any way you like. We recommend using the Firebug plugin with Firefox or the built in Developer Tools in Chrome to test out any changes with your site’s CSS. We also recommend backing up (copying and pasting) your CSS as a text file. If you don’t know what CSS is or how to work with it, you should start here and here. If you’re starting out and need some help with how to style something, shoot us a question in the comments below or here and we’ll try to help.

How do I add a favicon?

How do I change my avatar?

WordPress avatars are handled by Gravatar. If you go to and create an account with the same email you use here, any avatar you associate with that email address will then be used here and on most other WordPress powered sites automatically.

How do I change my comic’s avatar (shown on the front page)?

My comic images are kinda big…

Big images can take a long time to load. Try using a program that reduces the size of images while keeping quality and resolution the same. We recommend PngOptimizer (.png – Windows), Trimage (.png/.jpg – *nix), and (Everything).

No, my images are physically too big to fit in my website. They get cut off/hang off to the side.

The themes here make no assumptions about the image size of your comics. If they are too big, you can either save and upload a version that is the same width as your site or change the width of your site. Keep in mind that everyone has different monitor resolutions; it’s strongly recommended that you keep your site width below 1000px.

What’s this permalink business?

Take a look at Using Permalinks. Your permalink settings change the URL’s for all blog posts. Your comic posts will always be located at ( ) and your pages will always be located at ( ). If you set your permalinks to custom, please be sure to begin with something numeric, such as %year%, and end with %post_id% or %postname%.  Never use %postname%, %category% , %tag%, or %author% by themselves as that can confuse WordPress and cause issues.

*A note about permalinks:

When you trash a page/post it still exists in the trash. Since every page/post has to a have a unique slug, if you then try to recreate that post/page while the original is still in the trash, you will get a “-2″ or other number forcibly inserted after the slug. When you want to permanently delete a page/post, such as when you want to reuse its slug, make sure to also delete it from the trash or empty the entire trash. To see your trashed pages/posts you can navigate to the appropriate area (Posts > All Posts, Pages > All Pages, or Webcomic > Webcomics) and select the “Trash” link at the top (This won’t be visible if you have nothing in the trash).

How do I create multiple separate webcomics?

If you want to run all your comics under the same domain, you can place each comic in a new collection (Webcomic -> Collections), tell your theme which collections you wish to display on your home page (Appearance -> Layout), then create home pages (Pages->Add New) for each of your webcomics by using the “Webcomic Home” template. If you would prefer to use different domain names, with different settings and customizations for each comic, feel free use the registration page to register a new comic. Just make sure to enter your currently used email address and username and you’ll be able to manage all of your sites within the same administration area. You can also just tell us through the contact page.


Interrupted Reality uses caching to make sure the server stays happy and your site is always fast for visitors. The cache for each page is refreshed every 1 hour. When you publish/edit a comic post, blog post, or page (or edit your CSS) the cache for your homepage and that specific page is refreshed. The cached versions of your site is only shown to those not logged in; you can immediately see any and all changes you make while you are logged in. Any changes to settings may not show to visitors until your cache is refreshed.

WordPress codex pages that can be applied as-is here:

Embedding videos from sites (such as Youtube):