Customize the Favicon and Image For My Site

A favicon is a small image associated with a website primarily to provide an image for tabs, bookmarks, and address bars in web browsers. You may have noticed the default one we use here:

To use your own favicon, upload a file named “favicon.ico” to your site through the media uploader (Media > Add New). Your site will automatically use this image as your favicon. If you want to use a different favicon for administration pages, upload a file named “admin_favicon.ico”. If you need to create a favicon, we recommend using with neither of the optional resolutions checked.

The image we use to represent your site on the main page can also be customized. To set your own image, upload a PNG or JPEG named “comic_avatar.png” or “comic_avatar.jpg”. Your image cannot be taller or wider than 100px. If it is, it will be ignored. If you don’t have an image uploaded, any gravatar associated with your administrative email (Settings > General) will be used. If that email address doesn’t have a specific gravatar associated with it, a unique Identicon will be shown.