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What the heck is all this?

Interrupted Reality is a website proudly brought to you through the intertubes and shot directly into your eyeballs by a really handsome dude. We enable people to put comics onto their own blogocube without the hassle of server administration or the muscle fatigue of monetary exchange.

So you’re a web host?

Er…no. We’re more of a WordPress blog host that caters to webcomics. When you sign up with us we provide you a WordPress blog on a subdomain ( of your choosing. No one is given access to the server beyond their own WordPress dashboard.

Can I get a test drive?

Yes and no. The only way to see how everything works is by signing up. You can also look at the example sites ( Inkblot | Ink Bubbles | Invisible Ink | Twenty Eleven ). There are no obligations to use your provided site once it’s set up. If you change your mind at any time you can either completely delete your site or simply never log in again.

How exactly am I supposed to publish a webcomic with WordPress?

The plugin Webcomic and compatible themes are installed. They provide all the functions needed to quickly layout, upload, and start publishing your comics. Further cosmetic tweaks can be made using CSS within a provided editor.

What if I don’t know CSS?

While we can’t design everyone a custom theme, we’re happy to provide pointers and help with your CSS. If you make/suggest/ask about changes to your theme we think are super awesome we might even roll them into a new theme for everyone.

An example of what we can’t do: “Here’s an image I made of what I want my site to look like. Make if for me preeze.”

An example of what we’re happy to do: “I’m trying to make my header shorter, turn all my links blue, and make this part roundy.”

We’ll setup a more formal way for users to ask about CSS changes/problems but for now, you can use our contact page or the forum.

Can I use you as a backup site for my comic?

I don’t have any hard drives so using me might be difficult. Oh, you mean your site here on Interrupted Reality. Sure, we don’t care if you’re only using your provided site to host your 17th backup. It would be best though, to deny search engine bots from accessing your site here as they may penalize you for duplicate content. You can do so by going to Settings > Privacy in your admin area.

Ok. But I have like, seventeen bajillion comics I need to import.

Importing your comics depends on where you currently host them. Just let us know at any time that you want to import an existing comic and, once we verify that you’re the actual creator, we’ll get it all moved for you. Even if we have to do it manually.

Why shouldn’t I use a more established comic hosting website like Keenspace/Drunk DuckThe Duck/Smack Jeeves/Comic Fury?

Honestly, I don’t have a clear answer for that. I’ve never used any of those services so I can’t comment on specifics. They’re certainly bigger and more experienced and would all be excellent choices. Really, it comes down to whether you like/want to try using WordPress for your comic and are willing to trust a much younger website. If it helps I currently host my own (admittedly ridiculously slow to update) comic Hal and Dave within Interrupted Reality.

Also, we have a cat for our banner.

What if I want to leave later?

No problem. Though you don’t need to inform us when you decide to leave, we’re happy to help you move in any way we can. If you’re moving to a self hosted WordPress site you can use the built in import/export options though there will still be a bit of configuring and tweaking needed. If you’re moving to something other than WordPress you may have to manually recreate your comic and blog posts. Let us know the details and we will try to suggest the most painless option.

Also, It’s a good idea to let us know when you move as some search engines penalize you for having duplicate content and your regular visitors may not realize you’ve moved. We would be more than happy to set up your Interrupted Reality site to redirect to your new domain. For example: you have a site at and are moving to a self hosted site at We can make any visitor of get seamlessly redirected to

Your site is a bit crappy.

That’s not a question, but…

We just launched the site so it hasn’t been filled in with jello all the planned features yet. We thought we would get up a basic site so people could register before completing everything.

Also, so’s your face.

How much does it cost?

Your soul. Nothing. It’s completely free to register for a comic here.

What’s the catch?

Nothing! No forced ads. No required “donations”. Just sweet sweet comicy goodness.

Any extras?

Contrary to our banner we don’t offer free cats. Post offices are wary of meowing boxes. More mundane extras include ready to go Google analytics (just need your own account), domain mapping (just need your own domain), and pancakes (just need your own pancakes).

Do you have any sort of terms I need to agree to?

Nope. When everything is more settled and established we may post a set of terms we expect everyone to follow, but for right now, while we still have few members, it’s simple.
Yes! We added a TOS and Privacy Policy. They are essentially the same as’s with webcomicy changes. The following is still an extremely basic summary of the rules.

  • Don’t be a dick.
  • Don’t put up pr0n. (Mature comics are fine. If it straddles the line feel free to ask.)
  • Don’t put up illegal things.

If you have any unanswered questions use the comment form below, check out the contact page, or use our forum.