Site-wide Ads and Extras *Update Again*

We’ll be testing the ad and extras system over the next few hours. Sorry if anything unexpected happens. No major issues should occur; at most, you might see our ad display on your site for a few seconds.

Update: The bare bones are up. You should have a new “Extras” page under “Settings”. There you’ll find a donation button and some info/options related to the network-wide Project Wonderful ad and domain mapping.

We tried to style the ad to be theme neutral and we provided a way for you to choose one of three possible places for the ad. If you know CSS, we have no problems with you styling it to make it fit better with your site. If you don’t know CSS, feel free to ask us questions on how to do such a thing. By all means, contact us if you experience any problems; there is a large amount of recently authored code in use, and we’d hate for any bugs to get in your way. If you are one of the first five comics that registered, you don’t have to worry about the ad ever appearing on your site. If you registered later, please read the relevant area of the General Faq to see how to remove our ad. We’ll also add a more detailed section to the User Manual soon to better explain our network-wide ad.

The ad will be activated sometime Wednesday 28th. To see examples of it, you can check out any of the example sites: Inkblot | Ink Bubbles | Twenty Eleven.

Second Update: Ad is now activated.