Come One, Come All. And don’t forget to bring donuts.

Welcome to the opening of Interrupted Reality!

*waits for applause*

I’m assuming you already know who we are.

You don’t? Oh poo…

Well, we use WordPress to host webcomics for free. Yup, free webcomic hosting; that’s pretty much it. Amazing, I know. Anyone who signs up gets a¬†WordPress¬†blog at any available subdomain with which they can publish and maintain a webcomic/blog. More detailed information can be found in the FAQ. An example of what a default (absolutely no customization) site looks like can be found at example (Inkblot|Twenty Eleven) while customized sites can be found both here (this site) and Hal and Dave. If you’re more of big picture person and scoff at the notion of informed decisions then head on straight to the registration page (Also, I have a large jar of air Elvis actually breathed I’d like to sell to you).