Here at Interrupted Reality we don’t just read comics and eat cupcakes*, we host them for free! By registering you receive a shiny new WordPress website that is custom made for posting webcomics. Check out the features and FAQ pages for more. If clicking isn’t your style, here’s a quick list of pros and cons.


  • It’s completely free
  • Themes (Currently: Inkblot | Ink Bubbles | Invisible Ink | Twenty Eleven)
  • Your own Project Wonderful ads
  • Your own subdomain (comicname.interruptedreality.com)
  • No need to poke at a server or any code
  • You can change how your site looks with whatever CSS changes you want
  • You get the awesomeness that is WordPress with the Webcomic plugin:
    • Blog and comments
    • Easy webcomic uploading, organizing, and archiving
  • We’re still small; when you need support, you don’t talk with random tech support guy #4


  • If technical stuff is what you love, you can’t mess with the server or code
  • We’re still small; we don’t have hordes of people ready to throw at your new comic

Essentially, we host webcomics because we like webcomics. We’ll do our best to make sure you have a fast, secure, nice looking site.

*Interrupted Reality is fully aware you can not host cupcakes on the web. That would be awesome stupid. Cupcakes are measured in bites not bits!

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We’ve installed Piwik and the supporting WP-Piwik plugin after a bit of testing. Assuming everything goes smoothly, everyone should be able to see some basic visitor stats in their dashboards and, to a greater degree, in Dashboard > WP-Stats. Should you prefer Google Analytics it is still supported through Settings > Google Analytics.

Quick Update

It’s been a while since the last post, so we just wanted to check in. Here’s a list of the things we’re currently working on:

  • A brand new theme (almost done) as well as a second mini theme based on Inkblot (done; currently testing)
  • A private messenger plugin for WordPress (half-way done) as well as an update to the Simple PW Ads plugin
  • New and updated tutorials in the How Do I section
  • A new calendar widget that shows webcomic posts as well as normal blog posts
  • Some bug fixing for the Recently Updated section on the main page (has trouble updating when comics are scheduled for a future date) Done!

I’ll update this post as these are completed. Feel free to suggest anything else you’d like to see on IR.

There Seems to be an Ad Right There *Points Up*

If you’re reading this post in the future that title won’t make any sense. Eh, meh.

We’re going to temporarily place a copy of our ad below the recent/new comic area to keep it from being delisted. As soon as it’s sustainable without being on the home page, we’ll remove it. The welcome message and your comics should really be the main focus here.

Tutorials and Ads

We added a new section called “How Do I…“, which contains various tutorials for using Interrupted Reality. Check it out and tell us if there’s something you want to see that we’re currently missing.

We’re also enabling a network-wide Project Wonderful ad soon. If you’re interested in bidding on it, you can check out the advertising page.

Comic Images

We added images for each comic on the front page lists. More details can be found in the User Manual.

Project Wonderful Links

Project Wonderful recently started an affiliate program: Our New Affiliate Program. So, we’ve changed any links to Project Wonderful here to our affiliate link. If you host your comic with us (or not!), are looking to put ads on your site, and don’t already have an account at Project Wonderful, we’d certainly appreciate it if you used one of our links to sign up. It gives us a little bonus when you bid on ads (without costing you anything), which we can then use to advertise Interrupted Reality as a whole.

New Mini Theme – Ink Bubbles

We’ve added a new mini theme called Ink Bubbles. It’s mini because it’s essentially Inkblot with a few CSS changes. Since they share the same options you can switch between Inkblot and Ink Bubbles without losing any customized theme options. As always, you can fully edit your own site’s CSS regardless of the theme you choose. Check out the example site here: Ink Bubbles.

Front Page Updates

As you might have noticed, we’ve added two automatically updating lists to the front page (the light blue area). On the left are the 10 most recently registered comics (with at least one comic published) and on the right are the 10 most recently updated comics. Well…they’ll be lists of 10 when there are at least 10 comics hosted here. It’s not much to look at right now, but we’re working on setting up a way to display an image for each comic listed.

We are also working on a nice little script to import comics from Drunk Duck The Duck. Might be useful soon…

Shiny New Forum

Check it out:


Of course, there aren’t any posts or users yet. Registration on the forum is open to everyone regardless of whether or not they have a comic hosted here. Feel free to be social while shamelessly promoting your own stuffs. Google’s link monster needs its cookies. Om nom nom!

If you do have a comic hosted here, you can register then contact us through any means  and we’ll set you with your own forum for your comic.